Thank you so much for visiting my blog. For the regulars, who are used to visiting GOD IN THE ICU, you’ll see that I’ve revamped it and given it a new name. This is because I’ve written more books and so it’s no longer just about God in the ICU, although, of course, it’s always about God!

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I’m compiling an anthology of award winning short stories, which will be available from this site soon. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this poem that gives glory to God:

Abundant Grace 

Golden light on dew-kissed roses
Heralding the grace of day
Cooing doves, at morn’s awakening
Dusty hooves of foals at play
Wheat fields, like a tawny ocean
Rippling in the wind’s caress
Dancing streams, their spray asparkle
Pensive pools in quiet rest
Air perfumed with scent of jasmine
Wind chime’s soft melodious ring
Dappled earth through filtered sunlight
Gamb’lling lambs at start of spring
Miracle of baby’s birthing
Brand new breath, a lusty cry
Old man resting, children’s chatter
Puff balls in a dreamy sky
Cells and segments of an orange
Neatly packed with tasty bliss
Warm embrace of two young lovers
Tenderness of mother’s kiss

These and countless other blessings
Are bestowed on us each day
Pointing us to God’s compassion
Showing us His love-filled way.
He surrounds us with His beauty
Fills our souls with untold wealth
Lifting them from deep depression
Into happiness and health.

Yet His greatest gift of goodness
Starts its journey steeped in death
Wounded Saviour hanging, dripping
Blood for us with His last breath
Cursed that He might buy our healing
‘Tombed to fight for all our souls
Breaking forth in glorious vict’ry
Empty grave, and men made whole.

What a song our hearts are singing
Let the church bells toll and toll
Jesus is our Lord and Saviour
‘Tis indeed well with my soul

I IMG_9748.jpgam an anaesthesiologist who has morphed into author andfreelance writer. I have always enjoyed writing, but it was only when I retired from a hectic life in hi-tech medicine that I was able to take it seriously. I have had articles published in Joy! Magazine, (a national Christian mag), Your Family, SA Country Life and the Weekend Argus magazine section. My other writing can be viewed at  Faithwriters.com

I grew up in Zimbabwe, but trained in medicine at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and specialised in anaesthetics at Groote Schuur Hospital. Most of my professional career was in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa and in the United Arab Emirates, where I was Head of Department at Tawam Hospital, Al Ain.

I now live in Howick, KwazuluNatal with Dorelle, my wife.


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